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28th January 2021


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Not For Broadcast: Episode Two

Thrown into the eye of the storm, players will be thrust into the hot-seat of the National Nightly News broadcast centre - just as the country outside threatens to tear itself apart. Balancing management with clever choices, you'll need to keep things together as you manage four studio live feeds, censor unwanted language on the fly and cut to ads when it all goes wrong.

Originally launched as a game using slapstick and farce to seed in a satirical commentary, Not For Broadcast's newest chapter now takes a no-holds-barred approach to our relationship with live news - asking the question: should both sides have their say?

Not For Broadcast is a game driven by choice and consequence. In Episode 2, we now see the reveal of how your quick-second decisions in earlier levels impacted not only on your wallet, but on the strength of the two political groups battling it out for the general public's attention.

With hundreds of twisting narrative branches to explore, as well as new and improved sleek gameplay mechanics, the size of Not For Broadcast has doubled - making now the perfect time for both new and veteran players to take their seats at the broadcast desk.

Alongside the release of Episode 2, developer NotGames have also released a free documentary showcasing how they adapted their approach to creating a full motion video game - with a cast of 155 actors - during a global pandemic, titled Lights, Camera, Lockdown, also available via Steam.

Episode 2 of Not For Broadcast is available now as a free update to the base game via Steam - currently priced at £19.49/$24.99. As more content is added, the price may change.

About Not For Broadcast

Look, mate - it’s not that hard. Choose the angles, roll the ads, and bleep the swears. Just keep in mind that how you show these people will change their lives. Don’t worry - you’ll get paid either way!

In an alternate 1980s where the nation stumbles towards dystopia, join the National Nightly News team as they document the latest political scandal, the rise of a radical government, and which celebrity has for some reason written a book about it all.

You only came in to clean the studio - but in a bizarre twist of fate, it's now up to you to determine exactly what goes on air.

Not For Broadcast is an immersive, narrative-driven propaganda sim that lets you set the agenda. Mix four camera feeds, choose the headlines, bleep the bad language - all under the pressure of a live broadcast. Will you censor the news and be rewarded, or expose the truth and live with the consequences?

Not For Broadcast is heading into Early Access with three full chapters, and will work alongside the community to a full nine chapters, with varied consequences for your actions.


  • Frame The Picture - Keep the general public entertained with your editing skills. You are the artist and the broadcast is your canvas.Music Editing Mechanic
  • Keep it PG - Censor swear words… or “unapproved” information. Keep the news safe for children and oppressive political regimes alike.Censoring Mechanic
  • Hand-pick the headlines - Their public image is in your hands: run the story of a footballer's new beau, or his last dodgy night at the pub? His marriage and his life are in your hands.Headline Mechanic
  • Cue the ads - Watch your bank balance soar or dive based on what advertisements you run. Customer satisfaction not guaranteed.Advert Mechanic
  • The show must go on! - Keep broadcasting no matter the cost. News stops for no-one, not even a category 5 storm!A Storm
  • Keep them laughing as you go - The stress of playing a part in this twisted political turmoil getting you down? Sit back and relax - The National Nightly News team will take you from laughter to dread in the course of a commercial break.An idiot with a tiny bell


Not For Broadcast: Episode Two Release Trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner: Indie Game of the Year" - Community Award, Digital Dragons 2020
  • "Winner: Theme of the Year" - Indie Live Expo 2020


  • "Delightfully goofy... it's worth checking out already"
    - , PCGamer
  • "Nothing short of spectacular"
    - , TechRaptor
  • "NOT FOR BROADCAST IS PAPERS, PLEASE MEETS MONTY PYTHON... we could be looking at one of the best FMV titles in a long while."
    - , CulturedVultures

NotGames is a British game studio that opened its doors in 2013 to attempt to save the charity that brought us all together. Coming from a bizarre background of Film, TV, Theatre and Comedy, NotGames aren't your usual game developers. If you're asking, we'd like to call ourselves 'multi-talented all-rounders', while our former employers would probably say we're 'unfocussed and easily distracted'.

Exhausted after the runaway success of the cult-classic NotTheNameWeWanted and the subsequent still birth of NotCoD (we don't like to talk about it), we took some time out to contemplate our navels in a dark room.

In 2017, we decided to get the band back together, with NotGames 2.0 combining satire, social commentary and original gameplay into the dystopian wonderland of Not For Broadcast.


Andy Murray
Founder, CEO, Level Design, Additional Writing

Jason Orbaum
Founder, Director, Writer, Music

Alex Paterson
Founder, Director, Writer, Art

Denis Sewell
Founder, Director of Photography, Video, Art

George Burchmore

Peter Champion

Zara Coombes
Film Production, Costume and Set

Lucy Portsmouth
Production, Finance

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